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I Never Learnt to Dance

Song Not Yet Released

When I was young, I had it all
There was nothing more I liked than the time I spent at school
No problem stood before me that I couldn’t solve
Fulfilling with no effort each and every goal

Top of my class, top of my year
Strong in mind and body, I simply knew no fear
People came to me with problems I could answer right away
I had the world beneath my feet, each and every day

I travelled around the world and did my best to do what’s right
Working every hour I could, relishing the fight
But now the fight is over and though I never had the chance
The one thing I regret the most
I never learnt to dance

Time was for me a commodity
I spent it like a miser with nothing spent on me
Controlling every meeting, it had to be my way
But I like to think that I was fair and let others have their say

I can’t recall a single time when I ever stopped to say
That’s enough for now, I’ll take some time to play
I thought that I had friends, but it’s only now I see
That my life was ruled by deadlines that took control of me