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Going to the Factory

From the Album The Gate

I know that you don’t want to hear this son
I know that you’ve heard it before
But it tears me up to see you this like this
So I’m going to have to say it once more
It’s not so long since I sat there
Watching that damn TV
Till the end of the night
When you turn out the light
and darkness is all you see

It never would happen to me I said
A thousand times or more
Now each day passes just the same
As the thousand gone before

Now I’m going to the factory, the same thing every day
Working in the factory, is eating my soul away
Working in the factory, is more than I can bear
But I’m going to the factory and no one out there cares

They filled our heads with dreams my son
They told us of our rights
But they never told us just how tough
Are those crushing factory nights
But there’s only one thing that’s certain son
When the speeches are all through
There’s only one man you can ever trust
And he’s there inside of you

You think that time is on your side
And tomorrow’s another day
But if you don’t start now, it won’t be long
Before you’ve thrown your life away


This one goes out to all those parents who did as little as humanly possible when they were young, only to be dismayed at seeing their children do exactly the same. It is easy to forget that when you’re young, the idea of working in a factory doesn’t seem so bad compared to the horror of getting out of bed or turning the TV off. If shouting or bribery doesn’t work, try piping this song into their bedroom at full volume until they do something constructive.