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Give Me a Smile

From the Album  A Chair by The Window

The train was running late, I gave a big sigh
Then I saw this pretty thing from the corner of my eye
I sat down beside her trying to act cool
Whistling like a budgie and feeling like a fool

I wonder if she likes me, what’s in her mind
I wonder if she’s sexy, I wonder if she’s kind
Come on little lady, won’t you give me a sign
Then we can get together and spend some time

Give me a smile if you want me to talk
Just one little smile then we can go for a walk
We’ll get to know each other and then make a date
Please give me a smile girl, before it’s too late

Shall I offer her a mint, shall I compliment her clothes
Shall I tell her there’s a bogie on the end of her nose
Why is it so hard for me to say a damn thing?
When I know it wouldn’t kill me and what joy it could bring

My train pulls in, and I step right up
I closed the door behind me, and I turned to look back
Then when it pulled away and there was no more hope
She gave the kind of smile that says “I wish you’d have spoke”

I’ll remember that smile till the end of my days
When I think of what I missed ‘cause of my cowardly ways


I was nineteen and working in working Gstaad, Switzerland. It was a glorious sunny morning when I walked past a lovely young girl on a snow-covered street. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. It was obvious that she liked me, but could I approach her? My head demanded to stop and talk, but my legs continued walking. This was in sharp contrast to the Italian members of the band who only required their prey to have a pulse before they descended on them mercilessly.

Years later, when I had a lot more confidence, I was on a train platform one day when I noticed an attractive woman, who in my defence, didn’t seem to notice me. I got on the train, and as it was pulling away, she looked up from the platform and gave me the kind of smile that said, “Why didn’t you speak to me, you pillock?” A frustrating experience, but at least I got a song out of it.