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Forbidden Fruit

From the Album The Minstrel

She looks out the window, it’s starting to rain
She can’t take another day passing the same way
She steps out the back door, looks around
Mustn’t be seen, mustn’t make a sound
Jumps into her shiny car, she knows she should turn back
But she’s just a traveller on a one-way track

Forbidden fruit tastes so sweet
Wants to knock you off your feet
You may be strong you may be kind
But it’ll make you leave your senses behind

She thinks of her husband giving all he can
No matter how she treats him, he’s a kind and forgiving man
She doesn’t want to hurt him, it makes her feel so bad
But forbidden fruit’s the sweetest thing that she’s ever had
This must be the last time she can’t go on this way
This will be the last time until the next day

What is it about him? She can’t understand
He’s not so good looking, there’s nothing in his hand
But there’s something in his eyes, something in his smile
That makes all the heartache so worthwhile
Their time for love is over, it hurts so much to part
She must return to her loved ones and hide her aching heart


The general opinion (particularly amongst agony aunts) is that if someone is unfaithful, it must be because something is wrong with the relationship. I don’t believe that for a minute. This song is about a woman I knew who had a good, kind husband and loving family but still went astray. She loved her husband and was perfectly content with her life, but she simply wanted some excitement. It ended in disaster, and she wondered how she could have ever been so stupid as to risk so much in return for so little, but it is the oldest story in the book.