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First Move is The Hardest

From the Album Field of Dreams

First Move is the Hardest
Sitting on her chair, seems like she just doesn’t care
Taking her time, drinking her wine
Acting like he just isn’t there
Ooh but deep inside, there’s a woman alone
Dragging out the hours, till it’s time to go home

Sitting on his chair, acting like he just doesn’t care
Like it’s the same to him, if he sinks or he swims
Trying so hard not to stare
Ooh but deep inside, there’s a man alone
Dragging out the hours, till it’s time to go home

First move is the hardest though you know it don’t make sense
The worst that could happen to you, is you step back over the fence
Your mind is on its way there, but your legs refuse to move
You’ve got your reasons not to, but you know that they’re not true

He looks down again, feels the same old pain
Rejection is tough, he’s had more than enough
Will this time be the same?
Ooh he’s a good man, with love to give
And she’s a good woman, with whom he could live


Despite being self-confident in my youth, I still found it hard to approach women. On the other hand, I have spoken to women who said there had been times when they wanted to be approached by someone but were too shy to give any encouragement. How many Grand Amours never happened simply because of the lack of courage or fear of rejection?