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Fire in the Desert

From the Album The Workhouse Child

Take me away, far away from this place
Take me back home so I can embrace
The love of my family, that’s where I belong
My heart is so heavy, I’ve been away far too long

There’s fire in the desert, there’s laughter in the sand
There’s blood on the sword that haunts my troubled hand
There’s doubt in the words that led us to this place
I made his wife a widow, yet never saw his face

July 4th comes round again, a victory parade
But here we stand with heavy hearts, blistering in the shade
I’m proud of my country, I’ve done what must be done
But let this be the last time, or else we’ve just begun

Now there’s peace in the desert, there’s blood upon the sand
There are reasons for killing, but none I understand
So listen now you leaders who sit in peace at home
Don’t tell a man lay down your life until you lay your own


It was just after the Gulf War in 1991 that I worked in the Hilton in Dubai which most of the time was full of American servicemen and women. They were a fantastic audience, and I wrote this song with them in mind.