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Fighting on the Wall

From the Album  Special Days

There’s glass on the floor, storm clouds fill the air
Food on the table but no one on the chair
A head full of words that just can’t be unsaid
Silence is deafening when there’s no space on the bed

Won’t you go back, won’t you go back
Won’t you go back and talk
Won’t you go back, won’t you go back
No matter who’s at fault

Stop fighting on the wall, it ain’t no use at all
Stop fighting on the wall, you’re both going to fall
There’s no place for love, with anger in your heart
Stop fighting on the wall, that’s a good place to start

Get back on the floor, that’s a good place to begin
When you’re fighting on the wall, no one’s gonna win
When nothing is left, there’s nothing left to gain
Winner or loser, both sides get the same


Where I grew up in London, there was a house next door with a wall a couple of feet high in the front garden. As a kid, I used to stand on that wall with friends and have competitions where we tried to push each other off. A day rarely passed without one of us failing to clear the wall and scraping our legs on the edge. It was a painful but non-lethal experience. In those days, running to mum for sympathy and a cuddle wasn’t a viable option, as we invariably got a whack around the head for playing such a stupid game. It might sound heartless now, but it certainly took our minds off our cuts and bruises.