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Different Paths

From the Album  The Gate

Times were hard, days were long
But there was always strength to carry on
We planted dreams and watched them grow
We sat and watched the river flow

Now we choose to end the fight
The days are long and how dark the night
We both know it’s the only way
To love tomorrow, we must part today

Different paths, different roads
Different worlds, with different loads
You see me, I see you
On different paths, with different views
A different sky, a different blue
In the pouring rain, on a passing train
Different paths

Two kids at an altar, some words were said
What were the thoughts going through your head
Promises and futures all were sold
But fortune tellers wouldn’t be so bold

We had so much love, had so much fun
Travelled to places just to see the sun
But now that it’s over I have to say
There’s a heavy price we both must pay

I look at the future, and that seems bright
But that’s not going to help us tonight
I wish you all the love that you can find
But don’t forget what you left behind


This is one of the first songs I wrote after splitting up with my first wife after twelve years together. It surprised me how two people can live in each other’s pockets for so long and then suddenly go their own ways.