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From the Album Terasa

She’s a little bit crazy, a little bit shy
A little bit down, a little bit high
Standing on the front foot
Leading from behind
When she’s about you better watch out
She’s a bad friend of mine

She’ll tell you that the truth lies
Somewhere between right and wrong
That you can always find her
Somewhere between here and gone

Tapping against the rhythm
Trying to find a place to come in
Trying to find a question for an answer
To find a place under your skin
Digging a hole for her to put her worries in
Giving it as a gift to you
Pulling a string to keep the peace for long enough
To trade your old thoughts for new

She’s a little bit Monroe, a little bit Brando
A little bit Park Lane, a little bit Skid Row
Always sits to reason
Arguing day is night
Giving you all the answers
In nothing but black and white

But time and time and time again
You go back for more
Round and round and round you go
Walking backwards through the door


In my distant youth, I dated a young girl and have never really figured out why. Maybe it was the novelty of being with someone so utterly impossible. She had multiple personalities, and an auto disagree response to everything. My life revolved around reverse psychology which was hard work. If I wanted to stay at home, I had to say I wanted to go out. If I wanted to go for a drink, I had to suggest going to the cinema. She was as gentle as a lamb one minute and then psychopathic the next. It didn’t last long, but I do sometimes wonder what happened to her and how many people she drove nuts.