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Commonwealth Resounds

Sunday morning, slowly starts the day
Breakfast frying, the kids are on their way
A sleepy kiss good morning
A smile that lightsthe heart
A feeling that the world is good
And we all can play our part

You’ve got to weave a life of love
Spread it everywhere
Stranger friend and family
Let them know you care
The greatest gift that you can give
Is that tapestry you weave
For your children and their children
And all that they believe

Lunch is packed you pull out of the drive
Excited voices so glad to be alive
The beach is not so crowded
The kids run off to play
The smiling faces all around
Say all they need to say


Monday morning quickly starts the day
Office driving, your car knows the way
It’s not the work you dreamt of
But you know its value well
As do those that trust you
The people that you help


Until recently, I have never bought a painting in my life, as coming from a modest background, it always seemed such a wild extravagance. In later years, it never occurred to me to buy a painting, and when it did, I never saw anything I particularly liked. Then in 2017, we were browsing around a community arts centre in Sri Lanka, and I saw a batik painting of an old man weaving a straw mat. I liked it for the reason that many would dislike it, depending on whether the viewer sees a glass empty or half full. I see a man who although poor, is content with his life, has brought up a loving family and has pride in his humble but essential work. Others see him as a miserable old man, neglected by his family, who slaves away to earn just enough for them to exist.

To Federika’s surprise, I bought it, and it now has pride of place in my studio. It also gave me the subject for this song and a cover for the album Weave.