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Right Person Wrong TIme

Song Not Yet Released

When you called me and said it was over
It was hard, but I got there in the end
Sitting by myself every evening
Writing letters I was careful not to send
I thought that the hurt would last forever
But I woke up one morning and it was gone
Suddenly the world seemed so much brighter
And I knew then that I could carry on

When I called you I thought it was over
I did what seemed right at the time
Though I still loved you, we had drifted apart
There was no ours, only yours and mine
I know I should have told you in person
But just a single look in your eyes
I knew for sure I would weaken
And return to the pretence and the lies

What we had was special, of that there is no doubt
The only thing that I regret is that our time ran out
Sometimes in love, the words are wrong even if they rhythm
You were the right person, at the wrong time

I don’t know if it was right or was wrong
I only knew that it had to be done
It felt like I was always in darkness
And needed to be in the sun
But what good is the sun and the moon
Without someone to share it with
What I am trying to ask
Is can you forget and forgive?

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re hurting
I mean that from the bottom of my heart
But I’ve moved on and made a life that makes me happy
During the time we were apart
We can meet sometimes for a coffee
Share a laugh and talk about old times
But what we had is now in the past
Your future is not the same as mine


We start by meeting the right person at what we think is the right time, but it usually turns out that they were the wrong person at the right time. Later we meet the right person, but by now it is the wrong time. We leave the wrong person to be with the right person only to find out that the original wrong person was the right person all along, it’s just that we met them at the wrong time. Life can be very confusing.