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Both Sell Hat Fruit

Song Not Yet Released

They stand together in clouds of wonder
To misty signs, they stare below
At piles of bricks and worshipped blunder
Afraid to leave the river’s flow

Through the sands of darkness
They fall from, a crystal stream
To a dragon’s dream

A walrus stamps upon the flowers
Where insects rule with rusty swords
Good old boys will drink for hours
And sing along to crusty chords

There the graves of the gifted
Who never could shout aloud
So pass the crowd

There he walks his sense forsaken
In clothes of finest silken thread
Who can see that he is naked
Just a child with eyes in head

And so the price
Of vanity
Must be paid
By those in the shade


The title of this song is an anagram which so far no one has been able to solve. There are plenty of clues in the lyrics.