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A Single Tear

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Tim and Bill are two men connected by silence. For five years, they sit on a remote riverbank without speaking, until one day, a single tear breaks that silence. It is a tear that, for a short time, changes the world. A master marionette maker and his daughter overcome depression, to join forces with a songwriter, a homeless waitress, and a bodyguard, to present one of the greatest shows on earth.

Winner of the 2021 Independent Publisher Book Awards for “Best Popular Fiction” 2021

Shortlisted for the 2021 Eric Hoffer book awards grand final.
Awarded “Honorable Mention


“A SINGLE TEAR is an intelligent and character-led tale of change and collaboration that is incredibly and effortlessly charming.”  IndieReader (best reviewed book of the month)

Verified Amazon Reviews

Every so often I stumble upon a book so immediately captivating, so well-written, that the lack of fanfare feels almost criminal. Whether ‘A Single Tear’ garners the audience it deserves remains to be seen, but in this reviewer’s opinion, Nemo James has penned a classic.  James W

The extraordinary debut novel A SINGLE TEAR has the best opening of any novel this reader has ever come across. This is a novel like no other. It’s highly recommended. Susan P. Alpert

A Single Tear is a brilliantly written enjoyable read. Lily Mooze

Amazing story with great characters! Stop what you’re doing and READ THIS BOOK!
Jodi Davis

Profoundly moving, and an all round excellent read. Rebecca

Very refreshing, with a unique approach to storytelling. I highly recommend this book. It’s a rare, innocent, and captivating find. Lizzie

I enjoyed this book immensely. It was beautifully written with a rich and complex narrative. The characters were wonderful. Miss D. L. Costello