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WordBanker Downloads


  1. Download and install the main WordBanker program below.
  2. Close WordBanker
  3. Download and install the languages you are learning
  4. Share WordBanker with your friends using the link below.
  5. Each installation comes with approximately 1700 words and phrases. If you would like to import more words and phrases click here

Download Link




19.70 mb

Language Modules
Arabic Download 23.50 mb
Chinese (Simplified) Download 25.70 mb
Chinese (Traditional) Download 25.60 mb
Croatian Download 32.20 mb
French Download 21.20 mb
German Download 23.50 mb
Greek Download 24.00 mb
Italian Download 29.72 mb
Portuguese Download 19.40 mb
Russian Download 21.60 mb
Spanish Download 28.70 mb
Swedish Download 16.20 mb