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WordBanker Details

WordBanker is a unique and fun method of helping you to learn a foreign Language.

The multi award winning software WordBanker tests you in sessions of 20 words or questions a session. Once you have been tested on those 20 words you will automatically be taken to round 2 where you are tested only on the words you got wrong. Once all words have been translated correctly the session ends. Answer a word or question correctly three times  in the  first round  and you will be given the option to bank that word. Once a word has been banked you will not be tested on it again. Now you will only get tested on the words you don’t know.

With WordBanker when you translated a word correctly 3 times you have the option to “Bank” that work so you will not see it again. Here are just a few of the many features of WordBanker:

  • Freeware. No limitations or obligations
  • Approximately 1500 words or phrases in standard categories.
  • Audio samples of all standard categories.
  • All  words can be edited.
  • Create MP3’s of your unbanked words
  • Print lists of your unbanked words
  • Send difficult words to a “Hotlist”.
  • A “Banked Meter” to monitor progress.
  • 3 different methods of testing.
  • Banking words enables you to test yourself only on the words you don’t now.
  • Record yourself and compare your pronunciation with a native speaker
  • Timekeeping utility allows you to track the amount of time spent studying
  • Import your own lists or those downloaded from our website.
  • Create restore points to quickly go back to different stages of your testing.
  • Option to cover the multiple choices to remove the “visual clue”.
  • Fully customisable “Practice Mode”.
  • Create up to 3 categories of your own, easily adding, editing and recording your own words.
  • A “Type the Answer” testing method  to improve your  written language skills.
  • A dictionary containing an up to date collection of all standard and custom words in your collection