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TestMate – Details

TestMate is a unique and fun method of helping you to improve your English Vocabulary. Adapted from the multi award winning “WordBanker Foreign Language Vocabulary builder.”

The multi award winning software TestMate tests you in sessions of 20 words or questions a session. Once you have been tested on those 20 words you will automatically be taken to round 2 where you are tested only on the words you got wrong. Once all words have been translated correctly the session ends. Answer a word or question correctly three times  in the  first round  and you will be given the option to bank that word. Once a word has been banked you will not be tested on it again. Now you will only get tested on the words you don’t know.

Features of  TestMate

  • Freeware. No limitations or obligations
  • Can be used to improve your English vocabulary, spelling or question and answers.
  • Banking words allows you to test yourself only on the words or questions you don’t know.
  • Over 2700 words included with each installation.
  • Download and import sets from the WordBanker Share Centre from a wide variety of subjects.
  • All set names can be changed to suit the subjects you are studying
  • Sets can be configured for vocabulary, question and answers, spelling or acronyms
  • Create restore points so you can quickly return to any stage of your testing
  • Words or questions can be linked to images and notes.
  • A dictionary which contains an up to date list of all your words or questions. Words can be extracted from the dictionary and added to your WordBanker notepad
  • A timekeeping utility enables you to keep track of exactly how much time you spend studying.
  • A “Practice Mode” to help you familiarise yourself with the words or questions you will be tested on.
  • Print out lists of your words or questions.
  • Send difficult words to a “Hotlist” thereby creating an extra set of words you have difficulty with.
  • A summary and “Banked Meter” for you to monitor progress.
  • 2 different methods of testing “Multiple choice” or “Type the Answer”.
  • Option to cover the multiple choices to see if you know the word without being given a “Visual Clue
  • “Notebook” to store your general notes. i,e exam dates; research needed etc

Download your free copy of TestMate