A Warm Night in May - Nemo James :Nemo James
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A Warm Night in May

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Look at the river, it’s starting to flow now
where yesterday’s river was still
winding its way down from mountain to sea
the sight of it gives such a thrill
winter is passing and spring has begun
the summer play has been cast
soon there’ll be flowers that dance in the sun
and lovers that bathe in the grass

how well I remember the days of my youth
at this special time of the year
the crowds and the laughter
the smile of a young girl
and the joy of holding her near
the journeys to places that I’d never seen
a life full of time left to spend
the fun and the laughter just went on and on
I was sure it never would end

now I’m alone at the end of my days
and every day passes the same
it all went so quickly, just slipped through my hands
and there is no one left I can blame
why can’t they see that inside I’m a child
that longs to go play in the sand
this passion inside me is still driving me wild
but there’s no who’ll take this old hand

my heart is still free and my eyes still shine bright
but my body grow more tired each day
I’d give what I’ve left for just one more night
to be young on a warm night in May