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I Thought I Heard You Crying
The story of a father and son and the circle of life

Sugar Puppet Video
A Tale of Sugar Addiction

Thank You James
A true story dedicated to the great James Taylor

A Simple Love Song
Dedicated to Nemo’s Wife Federika

A Woman Unknown
Those who are homeless where not always that way

The Workhouse Child
Written in protest of child labour.

These Walls
A song about Dubrovnik

Guitar Fiddling
Some acoustic guitar improvisation

Remember this day
Written for the wedding day of Nemo’s stepdaughter.

The Eagle and the Dove
Written for the wedding day of Nemo’s stepson.

The World is Full of Heroes
A song dedicated to and played at the funeral of Nemo’s father Jack Newark.

Prayer To a Lost Friend
Short excerpt from Nemo’s classical guitar composition played by Francisco Correa


Live at the Kaboga Palace Dubrovnik

Moj Prijatelj
I Wonder
A Woman Unknown