Somebody Stole My Hole

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Somebody stole my hole
it ain’t nowhere to be seen
It was there last night when I turned out the light
Over there on that patch of green
I just can’t carry on, now my hole is gone
You better watch out cause there’s a thief about
Yea somebody stole my hole

I spent all day working through that clay
In wind and rain and sun
My back is sore and I’m pretty damn sure
I must have moved a ton

It ain’t hard to describe its round and wide
With nothing in between
But there ain’t a soul that’s seen my hole
Now I feeling pretty damn mean


I didn’t waste time in reporting that crime
They asked where I seen it last
I said late last night when I turned out the light
Then I thought I heard someone laugh

Send a patrol to find my hole
I screamed at the policeman
He said I ain’t got time to fight this crime
But our finding a hole man can


I put down that phone and waited at home
But the hole man never came
So early next day I took out my spade
Intending to start again.

I tried to start but I had no heart
Even half a hole was too much
So I drank some beer and held back a tear
Till my thoughts had turned to mush


Gawd bless my soul I miss that hole
And I curse the thief that came
life goes on I’ll carry on
But I’ll never be the same again