The multi award winning “WordBanker” foreign language learning software has now been released as freeware. The singer songwriter Nemo James who created WordBanker recently adapted the software so there are no longer limitations or even the need to register.

“I have recently returned to my music career after a long break and so decided to offer WordBanker without charging in order to promote my music website,” said Nemo who now lives near Dubrovnik in Croatia.

WordBanker uses a unique method of word drilling which involves users banking words once they have correctly translated three times. It concentrates on building a vocabulary rather than complicated grammar and so can be great fun to use and highly addictive. There are many facilities like being able to record yourself and compare your accent to that of a native speaker, creating MP3s of unbanked words to play in your car on the way to work, send difficult words to a hotlist and many more. It even includes a timer to monitor how long you are studying each day.

“I spent most of my life touring overseas and always tried to learn a little of the local language but not being academic I had difficulty learning grammar. I couldn’t find a program that would simply help me to build a vocabulary so I had no choice but to write one of my own. It came as a pleasant surprise when my software was generating more income than my songs,” said Nemo

WordBanker is available in eleven languages and can be downloaded from the Nemo’s website where his songs and videos are also freely available .

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