Classical Guitar Music

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Written and distributed widely in the 1970’s.
This is a series of solos intended to help guitar students
Beginners start at level 1.

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 TREES:  Level 1 View All
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The Elm[sg_popup id="48" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
The Oak[sg_popup id="49" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
The Willow[sg_popup id="50" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
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The Raven[sg_popup id="51" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
The Stork[sg_popup id="52" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
The Swallow[sg_popup id="53" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
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Spring[sg_popup id="55" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
Summer[sg_popup id="56" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
Autumn[sg_popup id="57" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
 Winter[sg_popup id="58" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
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Earth[sg_popup id="59" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
Air[sg_popup id="60" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
Fire[sg_popup id="61" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
Water[sg_popup id="62" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
 GODS:  Level 5View All
Aphrodites[sg_popup id="63" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
Thor[sg_popup id="64" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
Scylla[sg_popup id="65" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]
Zeus[sg_popup id="66" event="click"]View[/sg_popup]



TitleSheet MusicListen
 Prayer to a lost friend
(Played by Francisco Correa)
 Grand Rondo
(Played by Francisco Correa)
Sonata Desperada



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